Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dear blog

I just realize that I haven't update u for like centuries #feels like centuries :x . Guess its time for some lil updates around here. And this will be my first post for 2013. :)

Well, lemme reflect and start thinking about the past. Hmm... *thinking in process* ... *why dun I just skip on what I did for the start of this year? Yea, that would be a good idea*

Year 2013, begins with a match of snow fight. Where I throw u in the snow and make sure u r all covered up with these pretty white sugar icy coating. Sounds fun. Yay. Yet, we are all shivering after that. It's freezing cold with temperature of negative ... ( should be around -10 or lower ), and fireworks are all around the park. That memory seems to stay in my mind cz non of us are not coated with snow, team work of getting down the targeted person, and of all, my favorite is still watching the fireworks. <3 that so much. Hehe.

As time goes on, its exam period. Uh oh... "It's ok, I'm a free lady babe. I'm done with my forth year first sem. Oh ya!" That was after exam. Before exam; "oh no, I can't finish all the topics. What shall I do? Hygiene, will I fail and repeat the exam? What if I'm the first to fail this subject? What's gonna happen to me? What if I can't go travel because of this? Oh my, that's really bad"... All the anxious and negative thoughts rushing in like a flow of steam in Volga river... Finished.

Started my first trip to Europe. First destination, Paris. Bonjour paris. Woohoo. I was so excited till... Oh man, Paris was covered with snow n all the splashy melting snow. Eww, my shoes n socks were socking wet. And it rains. Omg. Yet, it never stops us from going around Paris even though the weather when we were there, seriously were bad, very bad, for a tourist. Finally, I get to take pictures with Eiffel Tower, louvre ( to see the Mona Lisa painting, actually ), etc. and also all sight seeing in Paris, except Versailles due to the bad weather. Sigh. Looking on the bright side, probably this means I'll be going to Paris again? It's an uncertainty. Despite of the bad weather, which I dun really enjoyed it, Paris is really, truly, very beautiful. Love paris so much. <3<3

Second stop, Spain. Hola Espanol. Starting point, Barcelona. Checked in a very cool hostel. Which is so comfy to stay in and the location of it is so so so good. A few second walk, there's Starbucks, a few minutes walk there's shopping heaven and also food heaven. Aww... Thinking about it just make me feel so happy. Certainly my purse wasn't happy about it. As it loses its wealthyness. Then I went to Valencia, Toledo, Segovia, and Madrid. Oh my, I tried some famous dishes in Spain such as roast suckling pork in Segovia, tortilla in Valencia *can get tortilla very where in Spain*, paella in any corner of Spain. There r simply all very delicious. And shopping. Omg. This is heaven man. Zara, breshka, pull and bear and all the Spanish brand u can named. SALES!!! For like very very very REASONABLE... Sigh, kinda regret not buying much. But, as a mommy and daddy lil princess, I'm saving their money :x

My third stop. Portugal, Lisbon. What m I doing here? Well, I'm here to tried the famous Portuguese egg tart. Yum yum. It really taste nice. :) it just add a smile to my face. All I need is just a bite. Well, as much as I can remember, it looks like mini San Francisco. We went to the outskirts of Lisbon, and guess what, the scenery is so so so beautiful. Especially cabo da roca. I love the view of the ocean so much. And I finally get to see a light house. A real one. Haha. Sounds silly. Especially during sunset, this place is really a must visit.....

It all becomes a memory to me now... As class started... T. T but, I m happy, so happy after all these. Makes me feel lots and much more positive. Guess travel changes one's mind. It's a bliss. :)